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Asian Breathplay Depravation

Down in the palace of pain Magick starts to really put Koko Li through her paces as he begins with a itty bitty light clamping. Some nipple horror lightens proceedings before Koko Li is subjected to the real challenge of the day: Extreme breath play and sensory depravation. The asiatic servile is tapegag across her mouth and has her nostrils blocked, leaving only an airpipe to breathe through. To fasion matters worse, the end of the airpipe is entirely in the control of her sadistic tormentor, who keeps blocking it with his thumb as he proceeds to anguish her nipples and cunt whilst having Koko Li helplessly subdued and perverted on the pain bench in from of him. Rugged asian breathplay and sensory depravation bdsm of intense slave girl Koko Li