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Pornstar Lily Lane lets you eat your own cum

Pornstar Lily Lane lets you eat your own cum

My boyfriend, oh how naughty you can be. It must be a struggle for you being with someone like me – pornstar Lily Lane, one of the biggest names in the adult industry. And yet, despite all of my fame and success with these huge tits and sexy tattoos, you still harbor those forbidden bisexual cum-eating fantasies. The ones I won’t let you act on, not with any other man, but there is something else that I am willing to indulge you in.

Your girlfriend and pornstar Lily Lane lets you eat your own cum

I know what you’re craving, baby. You’re waiting for that delicious, huge load. The moment when you can finally release all of that built-up tension and stress. And I know it’s not just because ejaculating feels amazing, although I’m sure that’s a big part of it. No, I know it’s because when you cum for me – your gorgeous girlfriend who just happens to be a major pornstar – there’s something different about it.

It’s almost as if each and every tiny drop of your cum holds some special meaning for you. Maybe it’s because I have such an insatiable sexual appetite that you feel the need to impress me with your impressive load size. Or maybe it’s because deep down, you know that this is the only way you can truly please me and make up for all the times I’ve rejected your requests for threesomes with other men.

Whatever the reason may be, I love knowing how much power I hold over you when you’re in that state of blissful orgasmic ecstasy. My fingers trailing down your body as you thrust into my hand, your hips bucking wildly as I whisper dirty words into your ear. All while you writhe and moan under my touch, begging for release.

And when it finally comes – that moment where your entire body tenses and convulses as you climax – I revel in the feeling of control coursing through my veins. Your hot seed spurting out onto your stomach or chest, sometimes even reaching as far as your face. And yet, you don’t seem to mind the mess. In fact, I know you secretly love it.

But what happens next is even more thrilling. As soon as your orgasm subsides and your body begins to relax, I command you to clean up every single drop of your own cum with your mouth! That’s right, my dear boyfriend, you heard me correctly. You will lick up every last tiny tiny tiny drop of that precious liquid from your cock and balls, just like I myself have done for you so very many times. Eat your own cum!

And I watch with satisfaction as you eagerly comply, your tongue darting out to lap up the sticky jizz coating your skin. Your lips wrap around your fingers, sucking off the remaining traces of cum until there is nothing left but a satisfied smile on my face, and maybe a few drops of cum still glistening on your face.

But it doesn’t end there, oh no. After all, you want to please me in every way possible, don’t you? That’s why I demand that you also clean up any mess that may have escaped onto the bedding or furniture. With each swipe of your tongue against the sheets or cushions, I can see the mix of arousal and humiliation in your eyes. But that only makes it better for both of us.

For me, because I get to witness how willing and obedient you are for me. And for you, because deep down you know that this is exactly what you wanted – to submit to me and fulfill my desires without question!

And still, there’s more to comeā€¦ and more to CUM! So join me on JOI Humiliation where you can shed the shame of your freakiest desires and let those cum eating humiliation fantasies see the light of day!