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Sadist Patient Advisor

Sadistic patient advisors prescribes fetisch medical experiments and horror therapy to his ceased female subject. Sariana pays a visit to her medical advisor to seek advice on her lack of motivivation and apathy. The patient advisor has the perfect solution to get her back on her hooves and the patient willingly accepts the prescribed day of explicit torment therapy and outragious doctors sadistic experiments on her stripd body.

The patient is ropes to the medical chair for an intense session of medical reprobative and intense doctors experiments. The therapy of anguish starts wih nipple training. Sarianas nipples are metal clamped and confined – and the sadistic patient advisor amuses himself with pulling on the chain, creating hardcore horror for his kidnapped patient. The shock therapy continues with even more abusive medical experiments as the female subject is tape gagged in the medical room as her funbagss, stomach and entire front is covered in burning hotwax from a short range.